Butterfly Playback Rollaway Blue

A table tennis table in classic home design. The net is integrated and remains on the table even when folding up the top. The table tennis table is easy and safe to fold up and down. An economical choice ideal for schools, recreation centers, sports clubs or heavy-duty home use. Combines a durable steel frame with a beautiful wood finish to ensure years of enjoyable play. The legs are indented from the ends and sides of the table for unhindered footwork. Two safety levers on each table side provide an effective child safety feature.

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ITTF GodkjentNei
Nett og nettstilling inkludertJa
Spilleflate19 mm
Størrelse274 x 152,5 x 76 cm
Størrelse180 x 63,5 x 188 cm
Vekt77 kg