Cornilleau 300 S Outdoor Grey

The 300S Crossover cuts quite a dash. Its curved feet convey great stability ; its large wheels give it the look of an adventurer, whilst its ample sides are very practical place to store the colourful rackets. An added bonus is the simplified opening and closing of the folding net, which enables considerable space saving when the table is closed. Equally it enjoys all the benefits of a bigger table enabling some top-fight games at a reasonable budget.

Four bats Flow Spin Outdoor and twelve table tennis balls are included in the price.

7 200 kr
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Mer informasjon
ITTF GodkjentNei
Nett og nettstilling inkludertJa
Spilleflate5 mm
Størrelse274 x 152,5 x 76 cm
Størrelse160 x 75 x 155 cm
Vekt77 kg