Cornilleau 400 M Outdoor Blue

We're family of sportsmen and women : a whole string of rallies ensues and everyone lets fly. The 400M Crossover takes it like a pro and certainly doesn't skimp on the technical front : solid brakes, twin wheels, perfect return of spin and excellent rebound. With a matt surface that is fiendishly good at reducing the sun's glare, you will no longer be dazzled ant the shots will be yours for the taking. A fully equiped table accustomed to all the weather throws at it, for some truly uncompromising games.

Four bats Flow Spin Outdoor and twelve table tennis balls are included in the price.

9 200 kr
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ITTF GodkjentNei
Nett og nettstilling inkludertJa
Spilleflate6 mm
Størrelse274 x 152,5 x 76 cm
Størrelse160 x 75 x 155 cm
Vekt69 kg