Cornilleau Competition 640

Designed for training sessions and club competitions, the COMPETITION 640 ITTF takes advantage of all of Cornilleau's know-how. It's a hit with clubs, and is the biggest seller in our competition range. Its SKIL TOP coating guarantees speed and restitution of spin, along with an excellent rebound. Its COMPACT TECHNOLOGY storage system, its double locking DSI system for panel and central unlocking handle allow very easy everyday handling. Its adjustable legs and fixed posts make it a well-rounded table. It meets ITTF standards as well as the EN 14468-1 European safety standard. The COMPETITION 640 ITTF is really a must!

8 950 kr
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ITTF GodkjentJa
Nett og nettstilling inkludertNei
Spilleflate22 mm
Størrelse274 x 152,5 x 76 cm
Størrelse160 x 75 x 155 cm
Vekt101 kg